Saturday 13 August 2022

Big cities out of favour? More people are moving to the country

Big cities out of favour? More people are moving to the country

More people have been leaving the central urban belt of the Netherlands know as the Randstad and moving to rural areas, national statistics agency CBS said on Friday. Some 75,000 people left the Randstad area last year, while 53,000 people moved to the region, mainly to the cities of Amsterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and Rotterdam. The number of people leaving the Randstad has been rising since 2014, with the total going up by 5,000 in 2021. People in their 30s... More >

Terraced homes dominate Dutch housing

Terraced, or row, housing accounts for 42% of Dutch housing stock, but this is largely due to building in the post war years, national statistics agency CBS said on Wednesday. A further 36% of the almost eight million homes in the Netherlands are in apartment blocks and other multiple-occupancy buildings and 13% are detached properties. This is well down on the figure prior to World War II when one in five homes was surrounded by its own land. Terraced houses,... More >

Fewer new mortgages agreed in July

Just under 29,000 new mortgages were agreed in July, down 36% on the same month in 2021, according to figures from the mortgage data network HDN. The number of new mortgages also fell in the preceding months, as mortgage interest rates rose. The biggest decline was in remortgaging, where the number of new deals fell by 72%. Last year many home owners took advantage of record low interest rates by agreeing a new deal. House prices increased by 11% in... More >

Green homes, but powered by diesel?

A new residential neighbourhood in Westzaan, where the homes are gas free, have solar panels and heat pumps, is currently getting its electricity from a diesel generator because it has not been connected to the national grid. The district, which has been praised for its green credentials, welcomed its first residents in March, but they still have no idea when the national grid connection will be completed and the noisy, and polluting, generator can be switched off. In addition, the... More >