Sunday 23 January 2022

Rents are rising again, Eindhoven and Rotterdam lead the way

Rents are rising again, Eindhoven and Rotterdam lead the way

New tenants in the non-rent controlled sector are paying an average of 5.3% more for their rental homes than they would have done a year ago, according to research by Pararius, but the rise was a more modest 1.7% in Amsterdam. Rents are now rising following a coronavirus-induced dip with the increase particularly noticeable in unfurnished properties, the housing platform’s research shows. The increase is the biggest since the 5.9% rise recorded in the third quarter of 2018.  New tenants... More >

New property value system may push up tax

The way of calculating official property values is being overhauled and millions of homes may be worth more or less from January, news website said on Friday. The new calculations are partly based on floor size rather than cubic metres and this will have an impact on some homes, supervisory agency Waarderingskamer, told the website. Some 250 of the 352 local authority areas in the Netherlands are making the switch – the rest have already done so, said.... More >

Social housing corps criticise developers

Social housing corporations have raised concerns about private sector developers who are building social housing apparently without being bound by the same rules. Social housing umbrella organisation Aedes has warned that such homes may initially qualify as social housing – with a monthly rent of no more than €752 – but claims that the owners can subsequently increase the rent to free market prices. ‘Local councils are increasingly allowing commercial developers to build social housing but there is more to... More >

Priority for key workers Amsterdam flats

Key workers and people under the age of 28 will be given priority for a social housing project being built in Amsterdam. The complex of 136 studio flats, with a surface area of between 33 and 41 m2, will be available to rent from next year for €728 per month. Landlord Syntrus Achmea said it would give teachers, police officers, healthcare workers and young people looking for their first home first choice at the development in Oostenburg. ‘In principle we... More >

House prices rise 18% in October

There is no let up in the continuing rise in house prices, new figures from national statistics agency CBS show on Monday. In October, house prices were up 18.3% year on year, virtually in line with the September increase of 18.5%. House prices have been rising steadily since June 2013 and are now at their highest ever level. However, the number of transactions continues to decline because of the shortage of stock. Just 16,191 transactions were reported to the Kadaster... More >