Saturday 13 August 2022

What you need to know about having a non-compete clause

What you need to know about having a non-compete clause

One in three employees in the Netherlands has a non-compete clause in their employment contract. What should you be aware of if you are one of them? Seliz Demirci from GMW Lawyers explains. A non-compete clause in an employment contract prevents an employee from working for a competitor after their employment has ended. A clause usually lasts for a period of six months but could run for several years. If you break the clause by changing jobs for a rival... More >

‘Here I feel a valued member of society'

Nigerian Nelson T. Ajulo from Rotterdam lived in eight different countries before settling in the Netherlands in 2017. When he’s not working, you’ll find him relaxing on Scheveningen beach or playing sport. How did you end up in the Netherlands? I came to visit once for a business conference and fell in love with the people. The people were just super straightforward and direct and, for me, I translate that as openness and transparency. It makes life a lot easier.... More >

Hot and hungry? Swim and eat in Amsterdam

The Netherlands seems finally to be having what other countries consider to be a proper summer: days – weeks, even – of weather so reliable that the prospect of organising a picnic or a BBQ more than a few hours ahead doesn’t seem so crazy. While the heatwaves that have been sweeping Europe are certainly cause for concern when it comes to climate change, here in Amsterdam we’ve been lucky: escaping the hottest temperatures while still benefiting from dry and... More >

How to stop an Amsterdam cyclist

Our regular columnist Molly Quell annoyed Dutch cycling enthusiasts when she mentioned Amsterdam cycling culture on Twitter, and she sees some parallels with politics in her homeland.  I made the mistake recently of tweeting about cycling in Amsterdam. Specifically, an off-handed joke about how absolutely unhinged cyclists in the country’s capital are, after I watched a young woman career through an intersection against the red light, cutting off an Albert Heijn delivery truck, while balancing a beer crate on her... More >

How to choose the right energy company

Energy prices have been soaring of late, and many people have been shopping around in an effort to find a cheaper deal because their current contract is expiring. Whether you are looking for a new deal or are new to the Netherlands and sorting out an energy provider for the first time, here are three things to watch out for. 1.   Type of contract Since the beginning of 2022, most energy suppliers are only offering variable energy contracts with monthly... More >

Dutch destinations: Zierikzee

Zierikzee isn’t the first place that might spring to mind for a getaway in the Netherlands, but this small coastal city is well worth a visit. Here you’ll find 500 listed buildings, museums, a historic harbour, and plenty of cute boutiques and cafes. The history of the community dates back to the 13th century and for hundreds of years it was best known for the Battle of Zierikzee. The 1304 naval clash pitted the forces of King Philip IV of... More >

The big, bad, bureaucratic bench battle

It may look harmless and perfectly benign, but this bench has tormented dozens of residents in the centre of Leiden for over a decade. It was 11:30am on a sunny morning last July when a woman dropped her pants and attempted to use one of our front windows as a toilet. She had been drinking on a nearby public bench for at least an hour. My partner and I stood in our living room a few feet away, aghast, as... More >

Seven unique cinemas to visit in NL

Summer is here, and while it’s the perfect time to drink out on terraces during the day, it’s also the ideal period to visit the movies at night – especially if it is hot outside. Why? Because the biggest movies come to the big screen over the summer. Top Gun: Maverick, the new Minions and Elvis, to name a few this year. That’s not even including the unique independent and international films released simultaneously. Here are seven cinemas you must... More >

Inburgering with DN: birthdays

This summer’s inburgering course is focusing on subjects which were either put on hold, or made impossible, during the height of the coronanvirus pandemic. Lesson 31: birthdays Dutch birthdays can be a complete shock to the uninitiated, but there are few simple rules on how to deal with them. 1 If invited to a Dutch birthday party, do not expect wild dancing until dawn. It usually means sitting in a big circle of chairs, drinking coffee and eating a piece... More >

'I like how people enjoy the small things'

Amit Biswas is a marketing and business strategist as well as the author of Logo Land, a book about the history behind the logos of the country’s 355 municipalities. Originally from Bangladesh, he’s currently based in Eindhoven, enjoys gezelligheid, and would like to grab a cup of coffee with Armin van Buuren. How did you end up in the Netherlands? It happened as a sort of accident. I wish this hadn’t happened, but it involved my father. He was in... More >

Atheism not always easy in the Netherlands

Fewer than half of the Netherlands now believe in God but for those finding atheism later in life after a strict religious upbringing, it is not an easy path. ‘I was 21 when I became involved in a struggle with the church authority,’ Zeelander Inge Bosscha (45) told Dutch News. ‘I was in an abusive relationship and wanted a divorce. They said that God did not allow this.’ Unanswered questions Inge, the eldest of 10 children, was raised within the... More >

Dutch destinations: Wadden island hopping

If you thought island hopping was something to do in Greece, think again. A tour through the five Dutch Wadden Sea islands is a great way to enjoy them in all their glory. Dutch school children learn the names and order of the Wadden Islands, on the edge of the fauna-rich Wadden Sea using the clue TV Tas (or tv bag) for Texel, Vlieland, Terschelling, Ameland and Schiermonnikoog. The islands, with their long sandy beaches, their wide open spaces, quirky... More >

Holland Festival brings out world colours

The ‘Concertgebouw audience’ is shorthand for a certain kind of crowd. But not, found Senay Boztas, at the experimental Holland Festival. The words were English, Turkish, Urdu, Arabic, the musical instruments came from all over the world, and the crowd looked quite, quite different from a normal Concertgebouw audience. When Sami Yusuf – a Brit, born in Iran to Azerbaijani parents – joined the Amsterdams Andalusisch Orkest and classical Cappella Amsterdam group on stage for the Holland Festival, something unusual... More >

10 ways to be polite to Dutch people

This summer’s inburgering course is focusing on subjects which were either put on hold, or made impossible, during the height of the coronanvirus pandemic. Lesson 30:  how to be polite The Dutch have a reputation for being blunt and direct to the point of rudeness. But there is such a thing as Dutch etiquette. Here are the main things to look out for. Greetings Coronavirus has played havoc with the Dutch traditional approach to greetings and shaking hands. Pre coronavirus,... More >

Podcast: The Six Degrees of Remkes Edition

Want to support the DutchNews podcast and keep our stocks of drop, gin and stroopwafels healthy? Click here to become a Patreon backer Farmers this week stepped up their protests against the government’s nitrogen policy by blocking deliveries of food to supermarkets. That was especially bad news for the government’s new team of tax inspectors who have the Herculean task of classifying fruit and vegetables. While the farmers came under fire for ploughing up a nature reserve, police are facing... More >

Get your Dutch summer ready at Taalthuis

Taalthuis’s Dutch courses are helping newcomers make the most of the summer holidays and get ready for September. We find out more. The Festival season is in full swing, terraces are bustling, parks are dotted with picnic parties and boats heave with revellers cruising the canals. It’s the perfect time to make new friends and practise your Dutch. But is your Dutch summer ready? Letting go Taalthuis can help. The Dutch language school offers online classes, in-person lessons in eight... More >

'I never expected to have Asian food here'

Yuven Muniandy fulfilled a childhood dream when he moved to the Netherlands to work on his PhD. Originally from Malaysia, he’s since fallen in love with the country and its bike culture. How did you end up in the Netherlands? I came to the Netherlands to do a PhD program. Back in Malaysia I was working at a stem cell manufacturing company. I had a secure job but I felt there was something lacking. Basically, I didn’t know what to... More >

14 great things to do in July and August

It’s almost all outdoor fun in July and August, and if June was anything to go by you can leave your umbrella at home. Pick your sporting event The 16 best women’s hockey teams in the world will take part in the World Cup from July 1 to July 17, with the group matches and cross-overs split between the Spanish Olympic Stadium in Terrassa and the Wagener stadium in Amstelveen. The semi-finals and final will take place in Spain. The... More >

Podcast: Sledgehammer Diplomacy Edition

Want to support the DutchNews podcast and keep our stocks of drop, gin and stroopwafels healthy? Click here to become a Patreon backer Farmers stepped up their protests this week, bringing two cows to The Hague to illustrate the effect of the government’s nitrogen reduction plans. One cow would go to the slaughterhouse today, the other would go back to the farm to be slaughtered later. Police described the hardliners’ approach as a threat to democracy as CDA MP Derk... More >